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PIDG was established in 2002 as a donor-financed group to help overcome the obstacles to private sector involvement in infrastructure development in developing countries

PIDG was founded on the twin beliefs that promoting growth and fighting poverty in developing countries demands serious investment in infrastructure and that the level of funding required in the poorer developing countries is such that the private sector has a crucial role to play in helping to achieve this priority. If the private sector is to be attracted to invest in infrastructure projects in these countries, it will need expert and reliable encouragement and support.

PIDG was established as a coalition of partners, focused on overcoming obstacles to private sector involvement in infrastructure development such as:

  • lack of suitable projects for investment
  • high upfront costs of project development
  • shortage of long-term debt
  • lack of local currency investment
  • inadequate capacity and expertise in public and private sectors in some of the world’s poorest countries.

In addressing these obstacles, our aim is to help mobilise private investment in the infrastructure that is needed to increase service provision for the poor, boost economic growth and alleviate poverty in developing countries. Our other aims in these countries include capacity building, adding value to existing development efforts and achieving sustainable growth and value-for-money.