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InfraCo Asia - Consultancy Services for Setting up E-Commerce Platform and Supporting Facilities for Private Agriculture Produce Markets in India

Infraco Asia Development Pte. Ltd. (IAD) through Agmark and Nexif through its affiliate Pte Ltd (“AgSrv”) have revived the development of private sector agriculture market places in the Indian state of Rajasthan located at Kota and Bikaner respectively.

It is intended that the Kota Project will be developed as joint venture between Agmark and AgSrv and AgSrv will develop the Bikaner Project on its own based on the design architecture for the Platform to be developed pursuant to this RFP and experience from the Kota Project. The knowledge and learning of the implementation of the two will form basis for rollout of similar projects across different markets.

This RFP is issued jointly by Agmark and (collectively known as the “proponents”).

The proponents seek the services of reputable consultant(s) to develop, the design architecture and specifications for the Platform as well individual PAPMs taking advantage of advancement in the IT, assaying and warehousing processes  for implementation at Kota project with ability to replicate the same model for Bikaner project and eventually subsequent rollout across other markets.

Further details on the project and the scope can be found in the RfP. The submission deadline is 15 November 2017.