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PIDG request for proposals: Case studies on the effect of PIDG projects on financial systems and infrastructure financing

PIDG is seeking proposals from consultants to deliver two in-depth case studies on the effects of PIDG company activities on financial systems, assessing if and how the PIDG Companies the Emerging Africa Infrastructure Fund and GuarantCo have influenced other actors in the financial market to invest in long-term infrastructure investment.

The research will be based on studies of two projects by the Emerging Africa Infrastructure Fund (EAIF) and GuarantCo.

 We expect to commission a specialist consultant with a strong track record in assessing capital markets for infrastructure, and how particular interventions may be a catalyst for changes through altering the actual or perceived risk of investment. This assignment is a short-term study, intended to provide outputs in early 2018. The outputs of this project will inform subsequent measurement and evaluation of PIDG’s demonstration effects and influence on markets for infrastructure investment, including longitudinal analysis.

The RfP for this opportunity may be found here.

Deadline: 12pm GMT, 24th November 2017

Please contact Joe Shamash, Evaluations Manager to express your interest or discuss clarifications at Only electronic submissions are required.