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30th April 2013

A First for InfraCo Asia - Solar Salt Farm opens in Cambodia

InfraCo Asia and joint investor EEE Korea Co. opened the first export solar salt farm in Cambodia. This is also the first InfraCo Asia project to reach construction stage; operations are expected to commence in May and exports to South Korea will follow later in this year.

Mr. Kenneth Baxter, Chairman of InfraCo Asia, said “This is an ambitious project designed to transform the entire sector by encouraging local salt farmers in the surrounding 4,000 hectares of existing salt farms to adopt modern design and improved practices. If the model succeeds, it has the potential to create a US$ 100 million a year export sector and attract further private sector investment.

The project has already attracted investment of US$ 2.9 million with more anticipated as the export market takes off. In addition, the salt farm will create job opportunities for over 350 local workers, with equal access and opportunities for women and men. Ultimately the project and its impact on the sector has the potential to provide employment for over 10,000 people.

Mr. Hai Seng, Commune Chief of Chum Kriel Commune said, “We are very happy that Asia Salt will be creating jobs for villagers from the surrounding communes.”

All PIDG supported projects are tracked rigorously for their development impact which includes private sector investment, improved access to services (especially women) and employment creation. The Salt Farm is already demonstrating significant achievements in these areas.

The 120 hectare natural solar salt farm is located in Kampot Province, on the southern coastline of Cambodia. It brings a new source of export income to Cambodia. It will produce more than 20,000 tons annually of high quality, food grade, natural sea salt for export initially to South Korea. The farm features improved construction and salt production techniques from South Korea.

It is expected to significantly improve production and quality yields of natural solar salt over traditional farming methods practiced in Cambodia. In turn this should improve the commercial returns and attract further commercial investment into the sector. The project has been developed and is being constructed by InfraCo Asia and EEE Korea through Asia Salt (Cambodia) Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of the Singapore incorporated joint venture company, Asia Salt Pte. Ltd.

The farm incorporates environmental and social aspects that accord with World Bank guidelines and those of InfraCo Asia’s funders which are the Department of International Development (DfID) of the UK, the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) of Switzerland, and the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID).

Mr. Eum Jong Hyun, Director of EEE Korea, stated that “EEE Korea is pleased that it is able to contribute its extensive experience in natural solar salt production methodology from South Korea to Asia Salt, and to successfully implement modern solar salt farm design and farming techniques in Cambodia. In time, we hope that the other surrounding 4,000 hectares of existing salt farms will also benefit from adopting these modern techniques.”

A case study about the project is available Sea Salt Farming in Cambodia

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