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13th June 2017

Better future for Senegal with €6.6 million loan to expand power station

Tobene expansion to raise output by 19MW to 115MW

The Emerging Africa Infrastructure Fund (EAIF) is increasing its lending to Melec PowerGen, the owner and operator of the Tobene power station, in Senegal.

The new B loan of €6.6 million is part of the financing of an expansion of the plant. The first phase, which EAIF also lent to, began producing power last year.

‘Tobene ll’ involves adding a new 19MW generating set to the existing 96MW facility. Installed capacity will increase to 115MW and completion of the expanded plant is expected soon.

EAIF chairman David White said: “Melec PowerGen is producing reliable, more affordable electricity for the economy and people of Senegal - it is now in a position to make a bigger commitment to the country.

“By backing Tobene ll we are backing a better future for Senegal.”

The enlarged Tobene plant will bring savings of between US$25m and US$35m a year to the country’s electricity utility, Senelec, more reliable power at a competitive price and displace a proportion of the expensive and noisy rented diesel generators used in many businesses and homes.

A heavy fuel oil plant, the Tobene facility has the ability to convert to gas power.