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8th June 2017

Delivering renewable power to rural Zambia

Innovative pilot project will bring six microgrids to underserved areas

PIDG company InfraCo Africa has backed a pilot project which will bring off-grid solar power to remote areas of Zambia. 

The project will establish six 11.2kWp microgrids, each delivering clean energy to around 145 households or 8 small and medium enterprises.

“Reliable power is a basic building block of development and off-grid technology can provide much-needed power to rural areas more quickly. PIDG is looking to expand its support for these innovative solutions, while continuing to back larger, on-grid projects,” said PIDG CEO Philippe Valahu.

Just 26% of Zambia’s population has access to electricity. Individuals and SMEs in communities which are not connected to the national grid rely on expensive kerosene for lighting, constraining economic opportunity and quality of life.

The initiative aims to establish the commercial viability of the innovative microgrids, enabling private sector partner Standard Microgrid Zambia Ltd to attract market support to expand its impact.

Once proven, the initial pilot is expected to lead to the deployment of a further 144 units, benefiting 130,000 people and enabling the developer to bring in private sector investment.



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