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17th April 2018

Evolving to deliver more in the world's poorest countries

PIDG has announced a new governance structure which will allow it to do more, better.

PIDG is always adapting to fill market gaps, boost economic development and combat poverty in sub Saharan Africa and south and south-east Asia.

Since 2002 we have had $2.4bn of funding and commitments to invest in high quality infrastructure where it is most needed and defined by the needs of the market.

This trailblazing approach has seen significant success; delivering 154 new infrastructure projects, mobilising $21.3bn from the private sector and underpinning transformative change by helping an estimated 222m people gain access to new or improved infrastructure.

PIDG CEO Philippe Valahu said: “We are now set to begin the next stage of PIDG’s evolution and do more, better with the aid money we receive from across the globe.”

The new governance structure formalises and embeds collaborative working between the PIDG companies. A single board and committee structure will now oversee development and investment decisions across the group, strengthening its investment capacity.

“By centralising key aspects of our operations, while preserving the distinct offerings our companies have, we will build on PIDG’s important achievements to date, while maintaining our ability to be an agile enabler of infrastructure development", Philippe added.

Read CEO Philippe Valahu’s blog on how PIDG is changing.