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27th November 2017

Clean water for 500,000 people in Rwanda

New water project will provide one third of Kigali’s total supply

Three PIDG companies have helped finance a water treatment plant in Rwanda which will provide a reliable supply for up to 500,000 people.

The large-scale plant, based at Kanzenze, will produce 40,000m³ of water per day; the equivalent to one third of Kigali’s total supply.

It is the first project of its kind to be developed using a public-private partnership model in sub-Saharan Africa.

David White, Emerging Africa Infrastructure Fund chair, said: “Fresh, clean water has a fundamental role to play in economic development. Water-dependent businesses will have greater confidence in investing because of the Kanzenze water works.”

Water will be drawn from the Nyaborongo River to be treated before distribution to domestic, commercial and industrial customers.

In addition to the public health and economic development benefits of the project for Kigali’s population, it will also mean a significant reduction in water rationing in the city.

Currently, around 86% of urban areas and 72% of rural areas have access to improved sources of drinking water.

Construction is due to be completed in 2020 and will employ 100 people.

Supporting private sector partner Metito, EAIF led the arrangement of financing, providing a US$21.6m, 18 year long-term loan.

PIDG’s Technical Assistance Facility and DevCo, managed by the International Finance Corporation, also provided funds for early-stage project development costs.


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