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15th January 2018

First on-grid solar in Guinea

InfraCo Africa investment will improve efficiency of existing hydro power

Khoumagueli will be Guinea’s first grid-connected solar farm, adding 40MWp of much-needed, renewable energy to the country’s 566 MW national grid.

The plant will complement the nearby 75MW Garafiri hydro plant by delivering power during daylight hours, enabling it to store water to run its turbines at full capacity overnight. This will increase the plant’s efficiency by up to 20%.

Kodjo Afidegnon, InfraCo Africa’s Senior Business Development Manager for West Africa, said: “Khoumagueli Solar is an exciting project as it adopts an innovative approach to the development of Guinea’s renewable energy sector; using solar to enhance the viability of the country’s existing hydro resource.”

Adding solar power to the country’s energy mix is expected to mitigate the impact of seasonal rainfall fluctuations and planned hydro plant refurbishments on outages.

InfraCo Africa will invest up to US$3.1m to fund early-stage development costs for the Khoumagueli project and provide experienced resource through its contracted developer, Aldwych Africa Developments Ltd (AADL).


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