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8th March 2018

Promoting gender equality and empowerment

New report informs gender impact measurement pilot to encourage improvements for women and girls

PIDG is determined to promote and advance gender equality and women’s empowerment, both through our work in low-income countries and at a corporate level. 

Improving outcomes for women and girls is fundamental to PIDG’s mission to improve infrastructure for economic development and poverty reduction. Poverty and marginalisation are disproportionately experienced by women and girls. Improving women’s participation in the workforce leads to major gains in productivity and growth. And infrastructure projects that don’t address the needs and concerns of women are at greater risk of failure.

Building on a recent review of how gender outcomes are considered and measured by InfraCo Asia, we have published a report with the Netherlands Royal Tropical Institute on gender risks and opportunities in energy, telecommunications and transport infrastructure.

The report sets out examples of how infrastructure projects can deliver positive outcomes for women as workers, users of infrastructure, and as stakeholders in decision making processes. It also describes some of the potential elements of project design that can lead to infrastructure failing women and providing services that aren’t fit for purpose.

We will use the knowledge from this review to pilot a gender empowerment framework with a selection of PIDG projects this year. This will assess whether projects do the ‘minimum’, are ‘empowering’ or, at the highest level, ‘transformative’, and find practical steps to improve project contributions to gender equality. This could mean smarter and more inclusive community consultation, better training and recruitment practices, or redesigned services to better meet the needs of women as consumers, to name just a few examples. 

At a corporate level, diversity and inclusion will also be essential to the success of PIDG’s forthcoming strategy review. As part of the process of bringing together PIDG’s various companies under a single Board, we will consult across PIDG on ways to promote diversity in the workplace, starting with a workshop in the spring.

Andrew Bainbridge -  Chair, PIDG


Read the full report here.