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16th October 2017

Uganda’s energy minister opens PIDG-backed solar farm

Tororo Solar now generating renewable power for homes, schools and businesses

The Hon. Peter Teko Lokeris, Uganda’s Minister of State for Energy and Mineral Development, took part in a ceremony to mark the opening of the Tororo Solar North farm.

Located around 10km from the border with Kenya, the 10MW plant is now generating renewable power to meet the needs of an estimated 67,000 people through the national grid.

Made up of more than 32,000 panels, the site will reduce CO2 emissions by 7,200 tonnes per year, equivalent to the consumption of 2,800 petrol-powered cars.

Construction created 240 jobs, the majority of which were occupied by Uganda citizens.

Emerging Africa Infrastructure Fund (EAIF) chairman David White said: “Just 12 months from signing the finance agreement, the plant is fully productive and contributing to Uganda’s economic development.”

Working with private sector partner Building Energy, PIDG company EAIF lent US$7.3m to the project, which was matched by Dutch development bank FMO.

“This important collaboration between the Ugandan government, the private sector and ourselves is allowing us to build infrastructure which supports economic progress more quickly,” Mr White added.

EAIF’s support for renewable power in Uganda is now estimated to provide 15% of installed generating capacity.

Details of all PIDG projects which have received support from EAIF can be found on

Watch the video below to see how the Tororo solar farm is supporting the livelihoods of local people.