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14th February 2018

Utility-scale solar farm plans for Vietnam

InfraCo Asia investment provides template for future projects

A 168MWp solar farm in south-central Vietnam will be among the first of its kind in the country.

PIDG company InfraCo Asia will lend its early-stage investment and development expertise to a joint venture with Sunseap International, in Nin Thuan province.

The annual amount of electricity generated at the site is expected to power 200,000 homes. The project will support Vietnam, which is currently reliant on coal, to diversify its energy mix with cleaner energy.

Allard Nooy, CEO of InfraCo Asia, said: “Projects like this create a ‘demonstration effect’ that serves as a beacon for future development. We are proud to serve as a clean energy pioneer in Vietnam and throughout the south and south-east Asia regions.”

Nin Thuan solar is expected to reach commercial operation by June 2019. The construction phase will create jobs for more than 200 local workers. Approximately 30 long-term jobs will be sustained when the project is in operation.

Electricity demand in Vietnam is growing 12 per cent annually. According to the Vietnamese government’s targets, solar power is expected to become the main new renewable energy source in the future, with installed capacity to be increased from around 6-7MW at end of 2017 to 850MW by 2020.

In April 2017, Vietnam fixed the price of solar power at 9.35 US cents/kilowatt hour. The government set a June 2019 deadline for solar power plants to be built and connected to the grid to receive this guaranteed solar feed-in tariff price.