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How we work

To achieve our aims PIDG has created a series of companies, designed to harness the efficiency of the private sector and its ability to provide capital. We use our expertise to create a climate in which private investors can feel confident in the long-term stability and sustainability of the projects in which they are investing.

Investment Policy

PIDG is a public-private partnership. PIDG members set the framework within which the companies operate. This ensures that funding is channelled towards development priorities, and that every project is rigorously assessed against economic, social and environmental criteria. At the same time, our companies harness their private sector expertise to take forward deals with private investors. PIDG is accountable to its members' governments, to their taxpayers and to the developing countries within which we work. If you are interested in financing for an infrastructure project please contact the PIDG company that is most relevant directly. The investment policies and contact details for each of the PIDG companies are provided on the our Companies page.