10 Aug 2018

InfraCo Africa gets green light on one of the first solar IPPs in Chad

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) signed with the Government of Chad for the 60MWp Djermaya Solar project.

The Djermaya Solar project, led by majority shareholder InfraCo Africa, signed a 25-year PPA with the Ministry of Energy and the national utility, La Société Nationale d’Electricité (SNE). The PPA marks a key milestone in the development of Djermaya Solar, enabling the project to raise construction financing and demonstrating the joint commitment of all parties to developing renewable energy in Chad.

Chad relies upon expensive heavy fuel oil and diesel for electricity, making the country vulnerable to supply failures and global price fluctuations. Djermaya Solar is one of the first solar independent power producer (IPP) projects in Chad. This pioneering project will be delivered in two phases of 32MWp and 28MWp, gradually integrating renewable power into Chad’s national grid.

In a country with strong sunlight like Chad, solar energy appears as a great means to expand access to a clean energy. We are happy to contribute to its deployment in Chad.

Hugues Antoine Guinoiseau

Director of Smart Energies International

InfraCo Africa, a PIDG company, has committed USD 3M to the development of Djermaya Solar and leveraged USD 0.8M in grants from its sister PIDG company, the Technical Assistance Facility (TAF). Amongst other activities, the TAF grant has funded legal advice for the Government of Chad to support preparation and negotiation of project documents such as the PPA.

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