20 May 2019

Blended Finance Collaboration workshop, UKEF, PIDG and CDC

UK Export Finance (UKEF), PIDG and CDC held an all-day workshop on Friday, 17th May to improve the understanding of each organisation’s scope, to identify areas for collaboration.

In the opening plenary, Louis Taylor, UKEF CEO, Philippe Valahu PIDG CEO and Nick O’Donohoe, CDC CEO discussed how identifying and optimising blended finance opportunities requires organisations to work together more effectively.

In a session, ‘Identifying opportunities for PIDG, UKEF and CDC, to work together’ Lasitha Perera, CEO of GuarantCo, part of PIDG, talked about their integral role to PIDG’s success in delivering contingent credit solutions. Las commented that, “working with partners was key to developing local capital markets to attract and crowd in local and international pension funds and insurance companies to invest in new infrastructure asset classes”

Emilio Cattaneo, Executive Director of EAIF, a PIDG company, presented opportunities for PIDG, UKEF and CDC to work together more programmatically to support long-term lending in infra-structure in Africa.

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