30 May 2019

R20 Austrian World Summit

Emilio Cattaneo, Executive Director, EAIF, participated in a panel on Blended Finance at the R20 Austrian World Summit on Climate Change in Vienna

Delegates from across the world attended the R20 Austrian World Summit, where the EAIF’s Emilio Cattaneo (pictured) explained PIDG’s track record of success in supporting renewable energy projects in Africa and its “blended finance:” model.

The breakout session, Sustainable Infrastructure & Blended Finance: Opportunities and
constraints for mid-size projects at the sub-national level
brought together high-level participants to discuss the current opportunities and constraints surrounding the financing of mid-size sustainable infrastructure projects at the sub-national and city level. The panel discussed topics such as the investment opportunity and impact potential of mid-size sustainable infrastructure, the current barriers to investment and the practical solutions to accelerate results.

The session also marked the beginning of a research process, which over the coming months will
deep dive into the covered topics, and around which participants will be solicited for their expertise.

The research will culminate in the publication of findings and recommendations at the UNSG
Climate Summit and 2020 World Economic Forum.

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