02 Jul 2019

Swiss-African Business Circle, 7th Annual Africa Business Day

PIDG CEO, Philippe Valahu, CEO, gave a keynote speech at the Africa Business Day in Zug, Switzerland

On Friday 28th June, more than 200 participants, including company CEOs, Swiss government officials, entrepreneurs policy-makers and civil society representatives , attended the seventh annual Africa Business Day, the largest cross-sectoral platform dedicated to Swiss-African Business relations.

This year’s theme was Overcoming the Infrastructure Gap in Africa, a key topic when considering the development of the business environment in the region.

PIDG CEO, Philippe Valahu, set the tone for the day by providing an expert overview of the infrastructure gap at the macro level in Africa while focusing on the opportunities and challenges for Swiss companies and SMEs working to address this important issue. Mr Valahu explained that:

“building local capacity is essential to ensure long-term sustainability of infrastructure projects”.

Philippe also participated in a panel discussion around the role that multinationals and SMEs can play in developing and offering new technologies or business models to tackle the infrastructure gap tailored to the local context, exploring projects across energy production, waste management, transport systems, building technologies, healthcare and education.

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