Infrastructure is fundamental to progress and remains a key priority to promote social and economic development. PIDG is highly relevant, both today and looking forward, and is well placed to continue to address market failures by reinforcing its unique positioning in the market and ensuring that it contributes towards and remains additional to supporting the wider sustainable development goals.

PIDG was established to address a series of market failures. Funded by six governments and the IFC and with an unwavering focus on pioneering infrastructure in the poorest and most fragile countries, we create impact by doing what others cannot or will not. Focused solely on infrastructure, we play a critical role in underpinning economic growth and improvements in people’s lives. We utilise our public-private partnership business model to catalyse private sector investment in infrastructure where it is needed most.

Our pioneering approach has seen significant success. PIDG is now a sizeable organisation that enables private sector investment in infrastructure, drawing on over $3.5bn of funding and over 16-years track record of leveraged funding: $37.6bn has been invested by private sector investors and development finance institutions alongside PIDG’s $4.8bn commitment to infrastructure projects.

During this time, PIDG has delivered accessible, reliable and sustainable infrastructure across 190 projects, creating more than 251,000 long-term jobs and providing 220 million people with access to new or improved infrastructure.

2021 Annual Review

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