Upstream Technical Assistance

PIDG’s reconfigured IFC-PIDG/TAF business supports the other PIDG businesses by providing support to project development and enabling transactions, improving the affordability and/or impact of projects through Viability Gap Funding (VGF), transaction advisory services, and piloting new programmatic initiatives.

  • Technical Assistance (TA)

    TA plays a central role in enabling PIDG to initiate multi-company programmes and centrally-driven initiatives that are not specific to a particular company and that align with PIDG strategic objectives.

    At a glance

    PIDG members currently fundingDFID, DGIS, SECO, Sida, IFC – World Bank Group, DFAT
    Cumulative PIDG member funding$104.2m
    Total commitments by TA at 31 December 2019$36.7m to 182 TA Grants, $0.75m to 1 Capital Grant, $41.3m to 7 VGF Grants, $5.5m to 10 DevCo Grants
    2019 commitments$6.3m for 33 TA Grants, $0.75m for 1 Capital Grant, $6.0m for 1 Viability Gap Funding Grant, $5.5m to 10 DevCo Grants
  • DevCo

    DevCo provides advisory services to governments in the poorer (DAC I and II) countries to help them structure transactions that facilitate private sector participation in infrastructure projects.

    At a glance

    PIDG members currently fundingDFID, DGIS, Sida, World Bank-IFC; DevCo is funded directly, not through the PIDG Trust
    Cumulative PIDG member funding$91.0m
    Managed byIFC, a member of the World Bank Group
    Total commitments as at 31 Dec 2019$46.7m to 68 projects/mandates, including 33 that have reached financial close, 16 that have reached commercial close, 14 under active development, and 5 closed after completing Phase I or Post-Transaction work*

    Expected development impact

    In 2019, DevCo committed $3.9m to a number of activities including 3 transaction advisory mandates, and 5 preliminary (phase 0) and post-transaction activities.

    The $46.7m cumulative commitment figure does not include commitments to projects that did not result in a closing. In addition PIDG is currently in the process of confirming the status of DevCo’s portfolio and will update these figures once the process is complete.

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