PIDG Technical Assistance

    PIDG TA supports the PIDG companies through providing grants for technical assistance and viability gap funding where needed to support projects that they develop and finance.

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    The PIDG TA Team manages grant funding to support PIDG Companies’ activities, to meet a range of needs associated with the infrastructure project development cycle, including the assessment of potential investment opportunities and building capacity of host country partners and local investors. PIDG TA can also make up-front capital grants at financial close, through Viability Gap Funding (VGF), to support the construction phase of projects providing strong development impact. This funding is designed to reduce the costs of infrastructure projects to make economically viable projects financially viable in order to attract private finance.

    PIDG TA also plays a central role to enable PIDG to initiate multi-company programmes and initiatives that are not specific to a particular company, and which align with PIDG strategic objectives. PIDG TA funding is almost exclusively deployed though the PIDG Companies.

    Role in transactions

    PIDG TA funding is deployed across the complete project life cycle with a particular emphasis on upstream capacity building and early stage project development.

    These activities directly contribute to the success of PIDG projects, especially in situations where a project is very challenging and would not be commercially viable without an element of subsidisation.

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    Strategic partnerships

    The DevCo Partnership is a partnership between PIDG and the IFC.

    The partnership funds upstream capacity to governments in countries that PIDG operates and to encourage further investment in PPP projects in these countries.


    The Global Water Security and Sanitation Partnership is a partnership between PIDG and the World Bank. The aim of the partnership is the deliver upstream capacity to governments and utilities and support effort to enhance the creditworthiness of off-takers in the water sector in countries that PIDG operates.


    PIDG has partnered with Meridiam to support the Urban Resilience Fund. PIDG TA is providing funding to the Fund’s Catalytic Capital Fund to support technical assistance requirements for the Fund in countries that PIDG operates.

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