Peter Kennedy

Peter Kennedy

Committee Member, PIDG Ltd.

Peter is a member of the Investment Committee of PIDG Ltd., having joined the Committee in February 2019. Peter is currently a Partner at The Meloy Fund, an impact investment fund that incentivizes the development and adoption of sustainable fisheries in Indonesia and the Philippines.

Peter has over 25 years’ experience in investing in private and public companies across Asia, US and Europe. He was an early investor in the impact area and prior to joining CLSACP in 2009, he was the founding partner at Fulcrum Funds, focused on sustainable agriculture and recycling. He has also been a guest speaker and lecturer on sustainable venture investing at Columbia and Berkeley University. Prior to founding Fulcrum, he led Morgan Stanley’s research efforts in New York and London, evaluating early-stage technology and telecommunications companies, including bringing 11 IPOs to market in an aggregate amount of over $1bn. Before joining Morgan Stanley, Peter managed new business development for NYNEX International and directed over $500m of investment into new Asian and European infrastructure businesses.

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