Ba Lai Water Supply (Phase I), Vietnam

Development of a 5,000 m3/day water treatment plant for retail distribution.

Total project investment

people to benefit from access
to a regular supply of clean water


The quality of treated water provided by existing water treatment plants in the area has been determined to be unstable and unsafe as per local regulations.

In addition, the majority of the residents who do not have access to treated water currently rely on rainwater which is highly unstable due to fluctuations of rainwater level between the rainy/dry seasons.

The Sponsor, Darco Water Technologies (DWT), has been unable to raise sufficient funding from the market to build the proposed water treatment plant.


To address the stated challenges, InfraCo Asia will co-invest with DWT to meet the gap in funding required for construction of phase I of the water treatment plant.

Successful operation of the first phase will set a precedent to enable raising additional funds from the market for expansion of the plant to 15,000 m3/day (phase II).

Additional grants may be sought to improve the commercial viability of the project, which is subject to the final tariff decided by the local authority.


As the project expands capacity following phase I, it is expected that over 101,000 people are to benefit from access to a regular supply of clean water.

The project is expected to particularly benefit women and girls in households without access to treated water and rely on public sources, given women and girls are typically responsible for water collection.

For residents who rely on bottled water, the water provided by the treatment plant is expected to be sold at one-third of the price of bottled water.

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