Supporting smallholder farmers - 100% guarantee of an onshore Taka denominated 2.1bn ($25m) bond by Pran to increase production capacity of processed goods in Bangladesh.

Provide greater income generation for 8.6k smallholder farmers and create 780 new jobs of which 33% will be occupied by women.

Total commitment: $25m

Direct impact on people
SDG assessment
2.3 – Increase agricultural productivity and incomes of small-scale food producers.

Expected impact
8.6k smallholder farmers are expected to benefit. They are likely to be low income and live in rural areas. The largest impact will be felt by previously unemployed farmers and women.

Direct impact on planet
SDG assessment
8.5 – Achieve full and productive employment and decent work for all women and men.

Expected impact
The company will create 780 new
jobs – 33% will be taken up by women.

Market Transformation
Challenge: Limited number of listed corporate bonds that use proceeds for infrastructure.
Channel: Demonstration of bond tenor that is longer than corporate loan facilities offer and one of the first-ever corporate bonds in country exclusively for infrastructure.
Outcome: An enhanced corporate bond market through replication of similar bonds for infrastructure to unlock deeper pools of capital for projects.

Mobilised $10.9m of local equity and $25m of international debt.

Climate Risk and Resilience Assessment
The sponsor is seeking to integrate solar PV to reduce emissions.

Physical: Bangladesh is likely to be impacted by climate change with an increase in extreme weather events. The agriculture sector is considered particularly vulnerable with impacts on availability of cultivatable land; crop yields and quality. This has been discussed with Pran who will limit risks where possible.

Gender and PIDG TA
A PIDG TA grant will be provided to deliver training targeting female farmers to help them become independent growers and agricultural hub leads.

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