Rural Electrification Services, Myanmar

Development of a hybrid mini-grid using the Anchor-Business Community Model.

Total project investment

Households enabled to have access to reliable energy


Telecommunications towers in rural parts of Myanmar are currently powered by diesel generators which are expensive and cause noise and air pollution. Villages in rural parts of Myanmar often do not have access to reliable and/or affordable electricity. The commercial viability of rural electrification projects have not been proven hence there is difficulty in raising capital.


The proposed project seeks to hybridise the current supply of energy required by the telecoms tower (anchor offtaker) by introducing solar generation and storage capability.

Nearby villages will be connected by a mini-grid to the generator, thus giving villagers access to excess energy produced.

InfraCo Asia and partner, SolarRiseSys, will provide the funding and expertise that is required for construction of the pilot facility in Kha Laing.

Successful operation of the pilot will prove the commercial and technological viability of the project, thus allowing further funds to be raised to expand the portfolio up to 220 mini-grids.


The pilot will enable 276 households in Kha Laing village to have access to reliable energy. Access to energy is expected to enable and increase local business and employment opportunities. The project will reduce emissions through the use of renewable energy technology.

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