Salima Solar, Malawi

Starting the journey to solar power

Total project investment

Generates enough power to meet the average consumption of over 1.4m people


Malawi’s electrification rate is 18.2% and existing installed capacity is dominated by hydropower. Low water levels have impacted power supplies.

The Government of Malawi has recognised energy as a key driver of economic growth and is working to establish the regulatory frameworks needed to attract private sector investment.

The government is also aware of the need to diversify Malawi’s energy mix, mitigating against the vulnerability of its power supply to drought and fluctuating oil prices.


InfraCo Africa is working with JCM Power and Matswani Capital PTY to co-develop the 60MWac Salima Solar project. Construction commenced on site in June 2019. The project is expected to mobilise $63m in investment from DFIs and the private sector.


The project is expected to generate over 146GWh of energy annually, which is enough power to meet the average consumption of over 1.4m people.

Salima Solar will catalyse new opportunities for local businesses, create jobs in the area and reduce reliance upon expensive diesel generators, improving indoor air quality and cutting carbon emissions.

As one of the country’s first commercial-scale solar IPPs, Salima Solar has considerable potential for replication; increasing investor confidence and promoting further development of Malawi’s renewable energy sector.

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