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Please be aware that we require all service providers to comply with our Operating Policies and Procedures to ensure that our projects are developed in accordance with our standards and will be both bankable and sustainable.

Current tenders

Request for proposals – Supporting development of Infracredit Nigeria’s Green Energy Investment Strategy

PIDG & InfraCredit wish to appoint a consultant to undertake a review of the policy context for climate change, renewable energy and Paris Alignment in Nigeria.

Download full proposal here.


Express interest in submitting a proposal – 5pm BST Wednesday 23 September 2020

Receipt of proposals – 5pm BST Wednesday 30 September 2020

Interested consultants are invited to:

Inform PIDG by email that they express interest in submitting a proposal by the deadline indicated above to

Submit a proposal (by the deadline indicated above), to

Any questions on this RfP should be sent to this email address also.

Request for proposal – Review of Financial Model for Viability Gap Funding for a water supply project in Vietnam

InfraCo Asia is looking to apply to PIDG Technical Assistance (TA) for Viability Gap Funding (VGF) for a water supply project in Vietnam. Part of the documentation required by the TA Committee, to evaluate a project’s eligibility for VGF, is a review of the Project’s Financial Model by an independent consultant (“FM Review Consultant”), which will form part of and contribute to the Concept Note.

Download full proposal here.

Request for proposal – Viability Gap Funding Concept Note for a water supply project in Vietnam

InfraCo Asia wishes to apply for a Viability Gap Funding (VGF) grant for the Project. To support each VGF grant application, the PIDG requires a concept note setting out an early stage appraisal of the subsidy requirements of the relevant project to establish (i) whether there is a need for a VGF grant from PIDG; (ii) if the answer to (i) is yes, what the amount of the VGF grant should be; and (iii) the benefit(s) and affordability of the relevant project.

Download full proposal here.

Clarifications to the Request for Proposal

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