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All current PIDG company tenders will be listed here, as well as on individual PIDG company websites.

Please be aware that we require all service providers to comply with our Operating Policies and Procedures to ensure that our projects are developed in accordance with our standards and will be both bankable and sustainable.

Current tenders

 Technical and Financial/Commercial Advisor(s)

The Company in question is a holding company (“Company/TopCo”) with its main assets being its investments into the intermediary Holding Companies (“HoldCos”) which subsequently on-lend to the Operating companies (“OpCos”) in the relevant jurisdictions.

GuarantCo supported with a 100% guarantee which enabled the TopCo to issue INR & PHP local currency bonds in the market. The Company’s revenues comprise of cash up streamed from respective OpCos via the HoldCos in the form of dividends, royalties, development fees, management fees and shareholder loan/debt security repayments. The Company and its subsidiaries develop, acquire and operate renewable energy projects in South and South-East Asia. 

GuarantCo is now looking to appoint an Advisor(s) to conduct a technical and financial/commercial due diligence to critically review and assess the feasibility of Company’s existing and future asset base individually and also as a portfolio of projects that are able to generate and upstream sufficient income to service the debt obligations at TopCo level (the Services). 

Terms of reference including description of the scope of the commission are detailed here.

Deadline for submission of RFP responses by potential suppliers: Midnight London time, 5th August 2021

28th August 2019 at 17:00 EAT