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The members of the Private Infrastructure Development Group established the Private Infrastructure Development Group Trust (PIDG Trust) to be the shareholder in the PIDG companies. The PIDG Trust has established the Private Infrastructure Development Group Ltd (PIDG Ltd) to provide centralised, consistent and robust control over the activities of the other PIDG companies (together the “PIDG Group”).

Through the use of the PIDG Trust and PIDG Ltd, the PIDG members have created an arm’s-length governance model for the group. This means our day-to-day operations and investment decisions are independent of the PIDG members.

PIDG members set the investment policies, code of conduct and operating policies and procedures for the group.  The PIDG members select the chair of the board of directors and all other directors of PIDG Ltd and hold PIDG Ltd accountable for all activities of the group through regular reporting, including annual general meetings.

PIDG Ltd’s board has overall responsibility for the activities of the PIDG Group, delegating to committees staffed by a mixture of appropriately skilled non-executive directors and executives. The board is also supported by a central executive team employed by PIDG Ltd, which will assist in the implementation of the investment strategy and investment decisions. The central executive team is fully empowered to implement PIDG strategy and drive PIDG forward as a coherent group.

This model ensures accountability, quality, independence, continuity and stability and value for money.