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Technical Assistance Facility

The Technical Assistance Facility (TAF) is a pool of funding within the PIDG Trust to assist PIDG companies to support capacity building and to help scope out potential investment opportunities.

TAF achieves its goals by helping PIDG companies and clients to evaluate, develop and/or implement risk mitigation, financial and regulatory mechanisms, standards, systems and procedures essential to raising funds in the capital markets. This enables developing countries to make a strong and positive contribution to growth and poverty reduction.

Through the issuance of technical assistance grants, and through the provision of advisors, training, secondments and workshops, TAF provides mechanisms for delivering short-term and medium-term projects of technical assistance and capacity building. TAF is also able to provide VGF support, which  is designed to make projects that are economically viable over the long term, commercially viable for investors

Equipment and other capital expenditures are not normally eligible for support under TAF. TAF supports activities and interventions mainly in the public sector, but is also able to support private sector activities where inputs relate to achieving TAF objectives.

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January 2004

Managed by:

PIDG Central Management Office and TAF Technical Advisor

Funded by:

PIDG Trust


, Technical Advisor