‘We insist on a safety mindset and culture delivered through practical, locally relevant solutions because it is a matter of life and death’

Delivering impact through safety culture and leadership

Safety is our central value. Our values are the principles that guide the way we all work.

The PIDG Safety Culture and Leadership strategy dovetails with the 2019-2023 Strategic Plan and will ensure that we save lives as we are changing them.

We have introduced the 12 PIDG Life-Saving Rules which, together with the PIDG HSES framework, will help us to promote a culture where people know and follow the life-saving rules.

The 12 PIDG life-saving rules


Ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being for all is essential to sustainable development. The right to a healthy and safe workplace environment is an integral component of the right to health.

We believe that by working collaboratively with DFIs, FIs and others, collectively we can improve our impact on projects and improve safety performance.

One loss of life on a project is unacceptable, everyone should return home safely. PIDG is committed to producing a breakthrough in safety performance on its projects. In addition to rigorous standards, building both a strong safety culture and developing good safety leaders is crucial to safeguarding all our people.

Our Safety Culture and Leadership strategy is grounded in a mission to ‘Do No Harm’ and will provide global leadership and collaboration with others in this area.

The key strategic goals include:

  • all PIDG and project employees embodying safety as a central value across PIDG
  • delivering safe projects
  • transparent and accountable throughout


The 10 HSES safeguarding rules

The PIDG safeguarding policy seeks to ensure that the rights, dignity and wellbeing of people across our activities, including at our companies, on the projects we support and in our neighbouring communities, are protected.

We have developed a set of 10 HSES safeguarding rules designed to ensure safeguarding against Gender Based Violence and Harassment, child labour and modern slavery, processes are in place across all our projects.


View and download Safeguarding rule animations from the selection below.