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PIDG’s purpose is to combat poverty in the poorest and most fragile countries through pioneering infrastructure.

Pioneering infrastructure, changing lives

Unlocking infrastructure investment opportunities

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2019 Annual Review
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2019 Annual Review

Today PIDG publishes its 2019 Annual Review, to reflect the Group’s progress.

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Our 2019 #annualreview is now available to read online. We’re extremely proud of the strides we’ve made within the last year.
Read it here: https://t.co/0KQSn6tSee
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On International Day of Women's Health, Clinical Officer General, Francis Chilufya, discusses @InfraCoAfrica and @PIDGorg TA's work with the #Zambian government to expand maternity services at his clinic in #Chanyanya. https://t.co/iHLDJEF9JQ #Womenshealthmatters

@InfraCoAsia CEO @AllardMNooy spoke with @KPMG's @sharadsomani and Suhasini Ranganathan to discuss the evolving outlook for the #infrastructure sector amidst the #covid19 pandemic. Access their key findings here: https://t.co/0MaCNXU0ih


@InfraCoAsia's May 2020 newsletter is live - Read on for our note on #covid19 responses, a project #divestment update, and Claudine Lim's feature article on gender equity: https://t.co/HNMeXMUe7o

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Mobilised from Private Sector Investors and Development Finance Institutions in 2018

Mobilised from Private Sector Investors and Development Finance Institutions since 2002

People with access to new or improved infrastructure

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PIDG established to address a series of market failures

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commitments to energy projects support renewable energy

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commitments to energy projects in 2018 support renewable energy

PIDG is an innovative infrastructure development and finance organisation funded by six governments and the IFC

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