Corbetti Geothermal

Harnessing global expertise and finance to develop geothermal energy.

Local households will be consulted on the works and actively involved in designing community initiatives

Just 27% of Ethiopia’s population has access to on-grid electricity. To meet growing demand, the government is exploring the potential of Ethiopia’s geothermal resource. In 2015, InfraCo Africa partnered with Berkeley Energy to become the majority shareholder in Corbetti Geothermal, working with stakeholders from Ethiopia, Iceland, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. In 2017, the Government of Ethiopia signed an updated power purchase agreement and an implementation agreement with Ethiopia Electric Power and Corbetti Geothermal, marking a key project milestone and the culmination of extensive work by all parties. In December, InfraCo Africa doubled its original commitment to Corbetti to $30m, making it InfraCo Africa’s largest single project investment. Set to commence first phase drilling in 2018, Corbetti is expected to lead the way for future private geothermal projects, attracting the investment needed to transform Ethiopia’s energy sector.

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