PIDG Investment Policy

PIDG’s purpose is to combat poverty in the poorest and most fragile countries through pioneering infrastructure – helping economies grow and changing people’s lives. We provide leadership, development capability, funding and finance solutions across the project cycle to support infrastructure provision. This delivers high development impact and develops local capacity and capability and the financing potential of local credit and capital markets.

Our strategy remains focused on encouraging more private sector funding into frontier activities and markets. The private sector will only invest in infrastructure projects which are financially sustainable, and when they have the confidence that the project is to be properly executed. Each of our projects will be designed to deliver this. PIDG therefore has an important role to play in creating the conditions in which that is possible, by supporting and building capacity, supporting early-stage projects to become bankable, and enabling projects to replicate and scale up.

The PIDG Investment Policy sets out the parameters and guidelines within which PIDG will invest in infrastructure projects and conduct its business.

You can read our Investment Policy here