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Excited to showcase the
video from Zambia: Chiansi, scaling up smallholder access to irrigation
@DFID_UK @DfidZambia

@GuarantCo and @ADB_HQ are co-financing an investment for @kacific to provide low cost, direct to premises, high-speed broadband internet connections in Asia Pacific. First-ever co-financing of an infrastructure project by @ADB_HQ and @GuarantCo @PIDGorg

~~Spotlight on Papua New Guinea~~
Papua New Guinea has 8.2 million people, but only 11% are online. This is due to difficult terrain and the high cost of internet. Our #Kacific1 satellite could help connect a further 7.2 million people.

@GuarantCo is proud to have co-financed the @Kacific satellite together with @ADB_HQ providing reliable, affordable, high speed internet access to people living in remote Asia-Pacific areas and encourage economic growth. @PIDGorg @CardanoDev

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