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The aim of every development finance institution should be to have an exit strategy from a market/country. The ultimate sign of success being that its role has been superceded by local institutions and/or the private sector.

Our project companies are part of the communities they operate in. For the past three years, #Kalangala_Infrastructure_Services has supported the drive to increase blood donation on Bugala Island, #Uganda, to support vital medical procedures #health @InfracoAfrica @PIDGorg

The @sunseap_group-@InfraCoAsia 168MWp Ninh Thuan Solar Power project has opened doors to greater economic opportunity for the local community in My Son commune.

School principal Ms Tran shares more in this video. Watch the main film here:


Watch @InfraCoAsia film on the Ningh Thuan solar power project, Vietnam's first utility-scale solar farm, creating 2,000 construction jobs, providing electricity to 192,000 people, it will reduce 240,000 tonnes of carbon emissions for Vietnam.

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