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(l-r) Thomas Chevillotte, @BBOXX_HQ; @JulesSamain @GuarantCo; Luc Delamaire, #Eranove; @PhilippeValahu @PIDGorg and Sheila Moraa, Acorns green ambassador discuss local currency guarantees for infrastructure in low-income countries #pf4sd

Second from right, @PIDGorg CEO @PhilippeValahu, and second from left, @GuarantCo Regional Director West & North Africa @JulesSamain on the @OECD #PF4SD panel.

How can we scale up private finance and make replicable choices to accelerate progress towards the #SDGs?

@PhilippeValahu of @PIDGorg will speak more on aligning private finance with the #Agenda2030 at our #PF4SD Conference tomorrow. Watch it live ▶️

We are not on track to achieve the #SDGs. What are the solutions? How can we come together to better align finance with the Goals?

@JanetLongmore of @DigitalOppTrust opens the discussion ahead of our #PF4SD panel tomorrow with @PhilippeValahu, Sonja Gibbs @onegoodchart & more!

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