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November 29, 2022

Statement from InfraCo Africa

InfraCo Africa

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Following the announcement that EkoRent Oy has declared insolvency in Finland, we are sad to announce that PIDG company InfraCo Africa Ltd, as minority shareholder in Ekorent Africa Ltd that operates the NopeaRide electric taxi business in Kenya, has now filed for the liquidation of EkoRent Africa Ltd in the High Court of Kenya.

EkoRent Oy held a 65% shareholding in EkoRent Africa Ltd which InfraCo Africa has supported since 2020. NopeaRide staff, drivers and corporate clients have been advised of the company’s insolvency, and the NopeaRide electric taxi service has now ceased to operate.

PIDG and InfraCo Africa will work with the liquidator to ensure that EkoRent Africa Ltd’s operations are wound up in accordance with local legislation. We would like to extend our sympathies to the NopeaRide team at this difficult time.

We remain committed to developing electric mobility on the continent and to supporting infrastructure initiatives in Kenya.

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